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COVID 19 Preparedness / Action Plan


Kartplex is committed to ensuring that our customers and staff are able to participate at our facility while keeping their risk of coming into contact with COVID-19 (and other pathogens) to the bare minimum.


Kartplex is a large, outdoor facility that covers approx 26 acres and allows ample social distancing for clients and staff.   Go Kart racing activity ensures that mouths and noses are covered (balaclavas and helmets) and karts are separated while on our large (1.21 km) race track.


Kartplex has always taken cleanliness, sanitization and maintenance very seriously.  We have increased the intensity and extent of these policies and practices to ensure that we are safe and in compliance during this higher than normal risk period.


As such we have put into place active measures that are designed to reduce risk to the greatest degree possible.


THese are the steps we have taken in the key areas of our operation.


Our Facilities:

  • Signage defining our COVID policies and requirements are posted on all of our facilities.
  • Cleaning schedule has been increased to ensure that all surfaces that a client comes into contact with are sanitary.
  • Washrooms are thoroughly sanitized using approved sanitization products at the beginning of each day, and re-checked least three more times throughout the day.
  • ALL washroom surfaces, walls, floors, handles, knobs, toilet seats and switches are sanitized.
  • All touchable surfaces (registration kiosks, payment devices, door handles) are cleaned after each use and personal sanitizer provided.  Users are requested to sanitize their hands before and after contact with any point of sale device.
  • We have created a ‘Virtual Kiosk’  that allows clients to stay outside of our registration areas and sign in using their own mobile device, while outdoors.  This greatly reduces the number of users that need to come into our admin area, or touch any screens or public devices.


Our Equipment:

  • Clients are encouraged to bring their own helmets if possible or accept that they will have to wait for ours to be properly processed and sanitized after every use (approx 25 min) before they can be used again.
  • Helmets are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after each use.
    • We use isopropyl alcohol to mechanically sanitize the helmets
    • We use UV Sanitization devices to further sanitize the liner, mask and soft surfaces within the helmet.
    • The helmets are ‘cooked’ with UV light for a minimum of 15 min (proven to be 99.9% effective against known pathogens and viral threats including COVID according to the study provided by the manufacturer)
  • We provide and enforce the use of clean, sanitized cotton balaclavas that cover the head, mouth and nose of customers before they are allowed to install a helmet.
  • Helmets are ‘quarantined’ in a separate station away from client access and clean units until they are completely re-sanitized.
  • The karts are cleaned every day and all touchable surfaces (steering wheels and seats) are sanitized using approved disinfectant/sanitization products after each use.
  • Used balaclavas are taken home by the client, disposed of or recycled and sanitized.  Balaclavas are not reused.


Our Policies

  • We are insisting that all visitors are scheduled and we keep the number of visitors limited.
  • Once at the facility, we only allow members of a single household into the registration area at one time.
  • We have posted signage that warns at risk, sick, or exposed clients and staff that they are not allowed on the property.
  • We provide rest areas that allow each family to stay at least 2m from any individual or family that does not reside with them.
  • Sanitization products are available at every ‘touch point’ in the event that they are used.


  • We provide more than enough physical space to maintain social distance for all visitors, 
  • We make repeated announcements throughout our introductory and safety presentations enforcing social distancing and equipment sanitization requirements.