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Karting Academy

*Academy programs use our R15 and R13 A+D Karts or your kart. Race Karts may be leased at additional cost.

 Rookie Racer Course

$80 – Required for drivers 12 and under

This program qualifies drivers 12 and under to rent and race our R15 and R13 Arrive+Drive karts on their own.

The course consists of 10 minutes of classwork and 20 minutes (approx.) on the race track under the supervision of an instructor.

We begin with braking and cornering drills on the restricted course and the kids progress up to driving on their own, at the instructor’s discretion.

Rookie Racer is intend to ensure that your little Speed Demon is safe and comfy, and properly focused for the race track.  We can work on making them super-fast in our other programs.

Private Coaching

Time with our experienced instructors will improve your driving skills , mental  focus, racecraft, technical knowledge  and ulitamely, your lap times and race results.

Our team has coached and managed many regional and national champion kart racers.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, we can help you improve.  Results Guaranteed.

Private coaching $90/30 minutes.

 Semi Private (2-5 Drivers) $55/driver/30 minutes.

Group (6+ Drivers) Call for a quote.

*Additional costs if rentals are required* 


Kartplex Academy instructors are some of the best in the industry.  We have a total of 6 National Championships, 2 SKUSA Supernats Victories and a long list of successfull clients.   We guarantee results.

NOTE: ALL Participants require either a Pit Pass ($19/day) OR a KARPLEX/Area27 Membership.