We are CLOSED for karting. We are OPEN for new kart sales and 2021 reservations. Please email us for your SPEED NEEDS!

ARRIVE + DRIVE Karting Rules


  • ALL Children under 19 years of age require a Parent or Guardian to sign our waiver.
  • ALL Children under the age of 13 must register for and complete the ROOKIE RACER course
  • ALL Participants must wear closed toed shoes (NO sandals or Flip Flops)
  • ZERO Tolerance for Drug or Alcohol use.
  • ZERO Tolerance for belligerent, rude or inconsiderate behaviour towards fellow participants or Kartplex staff.
  • 260 pounds or 116 kilograms weight limit.
  • ALL drivers must be able to safely fit the seats provided, and exit the karts in an efficient and safe matter regardless of weight or age.  We reserve the right to ‘seat fit’ any participant in the event of safety concerns.
  • Any drivers with physical or mental challenges or disabilities that may impact their ability to keep themselves and other drivers safe, must check in with the head marshal before driving the kart.  We reserve the right to require the written opinion of a clinician or professional care giver if the marshal is concerned over safety matters.



  • With other Karts
  • With trackside Barriers


  • Kart must remain moving and pointed in the correct direction of travel
  • Driver must maintain control of the race kart at all times


  • KARTPLEX is a Racing Experience, not a Drifting experience
  • Drifting results in SLOW lap times and hazards for other racers

4.  NO Karts allowed off of the paved racing surface

  • THIS means ZERO tires off of the paved race track surface

5.  NO Antisocial or Unsportsmanlike behaviour towards other drivers, staff or officials.

RACESAFETY Kart Control System will be used to enforce penalties and disqualifications.